Arctic Alta Theme - Nils Anders Mortensen

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Video fra Arctic Alta Skimaraton 2022

Foto: Anders Homlung Abrahamsen

Video laget av  Rune Sjøstedt / Filmmark for Arctic Alta ski & fatbike 2022

a beautiful adventure in arctic scenery

Foto: Anders Homlung Abrahamsen

Arctic Alta

Arctic Alta consists of the ski & fatbike festival at the end of February and the ultrarace in August.


Arctic Alta aims to be an attractive endurance event with a high percentage of women. In addition, we want to include more children and young people who can complete the shortest distances, without the focus has to be on the time or the result.


We want people to be motivated to get out and have pleasant nature experiences. We are proud of the winter trail we have helped create and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the work on the route. Work on the winter trail will continue in the years to come.  

The Arctic Alta Ski Marathon is also part of the Visma Ski Classics Challenger series, where one counting Challenger race can be included in the points calculation for the Ski Classics Pro Series.



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