Sign up for a beautiful recreational event on ski and fatbike in Alta

Arctic Alta ski

Saturday 24th of February 2024

42 km

Start: Bossekop (BUL-field) kl. 11:00. Recreational from 9-11.00

Checkpoints (sponsors):

  • Eiby (Montér)

  • Stengelsen (XL-bygg)

  • Øvre Stengelsen - (Camp Pæskatun)

  • Detsika (Æventyr)

  • Storvannet (Multiconsult)

  • Sprint in Eiby and Climb at Detsika sponsered by Kim Ove Thomassen AS and Consto

Finish: Kaiskuru skistadion.

20 km

Start: Detsika Competition and youth 11:30.

Recreational from 10.30-12.00

Checkpoint (sponsor):

  • Storvannet (Multiconsult)

Finish: Kaiskuru skistadion.

12 km

Start: Tverrelvdalen club-house from 10-12.00.

Checkpoint (sponsor):

  • Storvannet (Multiconsult)

Finish: Kaiskuru skistadion.

Parking / toilet facilities

Parking at the start in Bossekop, in Detsika and finish Kaiskuru. There are toilet facilities at the start in Bossekop, start for 12km in Tverrelvdalen and at the finish in Kaiskuru.


Bib-number handout

The starting bibs can be picked up at the BUL-house with start 42 km

Friday 18-19

Saturday 9-11


The starting bibs can also be picked up at the 20k start in Detsika

Saturday 10.30-12.00


The 12 km start at Tverrevdalen Ungdomshus

Saturday 10-12am


Transport of clothes

Transport of clothes from start to finish area. Bag drop in a small car trailer see here. Bags must be marked with your name. 


Course description

The first 10k goes along easy terrain and wide tracks. After the 10k, comes the first checkpoint, Montér Østlyngen, and also a sprintprize (sponsered by Kim Ove Thomassen) before a road crossing over E45. Then the course narrows and crosses the Eiby River and follows the valley with the famous Alta River. There is another checkpoint with nutrition at 15,5 k before you cross the Alta River, the next feeding station at 20 km followed by 2km with approximately 10% incline. On top of the long climb, you arrive at the third checkpoint Æventyr and a climbprize by Consto. From here the tracks follow the snowmobile course for 1,5k before turning left and continuing into the woods. When you reach the highest point of the course, you have a long descent towards 32,5 k where the fourth checkpoint Multiconsult is. The last 10k is flat with some short steep uphills following lighted trails down to Kaiskuru ski stadium.


See detailed maps


Road crossings and snowmobile traffic

There are three road crossings! The course follows around 4 k snowmobile tracks and 3 k along a road with car traffic. Beware of all this, but there will be volunteers managing the traffic. Especially be careful at the bridge crossing over the Alta River - the participants must follow a narrow track for 300m and cross several roads.


Course preparation 

The course is groomed with both snowmobile and grooming machines. There will be a classic track along the course in the first and last 10k.


Nutrition at checkpoints

The checkpoints will offer sweet drinks, buns, bananas, and energy bars. 


Trash throwing

Please don´t throw anything along the course except at the checkpoints. A penalty fee of 15 euros may occur. 



Some downhills can give high speed. Beware of a sharp left turn at 10k, a long downhill at 16 k, and a long downhill around 30k. Show consideration to your opponents and the traffic as mentioned.


Pole service

There will be extra poles at the checkpoints. These must be delivered after the finish, either to the volunteers or at the finish. 


After the race

There will be drinks and snacks at the finish. Wardrobes/ shower/ wc/ café/ prizegiving cermony at Kaiskuru Nærmiljøsenter close to the finish area.


Prizes and prizegiving cermony

In the café at Kaiskuru Nærmiljøsenter. Top 3 male/female in 42 km will get a giftcard from main sponsor Æventyrs hotel/restaurants. Sprint and climb 500NOK best male/female. Prizes for top 3 on 20km men/ woman is vitamins from Aarja Health and top 3 youth class is gift cards from Amfi shopping center. And also something to top 3 relay. Prizegiving cermony at 14.30 and also lottery based prizes from the starting bibs.


Transport after finish to city center / start

There will be set up a bus transport 9.00 am from finish in Kaiskuru to the start of the 42km in Bossekop, and a bus runs from Kaiskuru stadium at to the start of the 20 km in Detsika. The bus is free of charge.


There are regular bus traffic every hour from Kaiskuru Nærmiljøsenter and to Bossekop. Approximately 30 min traveltime and it runs from 12.33 and every hour until the evening. The bus passes by the city center. From bus stop in Bossekop about 5 min walk to the start area. See bus travel planner. Use the mobile-app "Snelandia reise" for travel info and the app "Snelandia Mobilett" for tickets. Other payments may not be accepted on the bus.



We recommend accommodation at Canyon hotell in Alta city center, the Gargia Lodge or Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge.